Your Financial Mission

Helping You Find Bias in Financial Media

We all want to stay informed when it comes to investing but it’s more important to make sure the research you’re doing isn’t actually misleading us. Unfortunately, some of the information out there isn’t completely unbiased. Let’s talk about some of the problems with the financial media. Plus, we have a big announcement! 


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Today's rundown: 

0:56 – We have some news! This is the final mission.

2:51 – Today we’re talking bias in financial media.  

3:29 – First bias: Sensationalism

6:06 – Second bias: Paid Placement

9:17 – A common way paid placement happens on radio to build credibility for advisors.

11:03 – Third bias: Wrong Audience

14:08 – Fourth bias: An Axe to Grind

16:40 – What does J’Neanne tell her clients about dealing with these biases?

Estate Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Not everyone chooses to leave a financial legacy, but if you’re someone who would, then estate planning is crucial. Make it a part of the conversation when you’re working on retirement, but make sure you avoid these critical mistakes.


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Today's rundown: 

0:56 – Happy New Year! How were the holidays?

4:08 – It’s a great time to start talking about your estate plan.

4:59 – How many of J’Neanne’s clients have an interest in leaving an estate?

6:39 – No matter what your plans are, you need to have a plan for your exit.

9:41 – First estate planning mistake: Failing to plan for expenses that can be foreseen, like healthcare.
12:14 – Second mistake: Failing to update beneficiary designations.  

13:26 – J’Neanne shares a story of someone that didn’t finish updating his beneficiaries.

15:20 – Third mistake: Failing to take steps to avoid conflict between family and heirs.

17:55 – Fourth mistake: Transferring real estate while living rather than upon death.

20:35 – Final Mistake: Failing to consider the tax obligations of your estate.

23:10 – How often are you discussing estate planning with clients?

27:00 – Remember that your legacy doesn’t always have to be monetary.

The Ins and Outs of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have long been a popular investment option for people saving for retirement, but is the landscape changing? We’ll take a deep look into mutual funds, explain some key terminology, and discuss whether it’s a good option or not.


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Today's Rundown

0:56 – It’s the final show of 2019.

2:07 – How many of your clients owned mutual funds when they first came to see you?

4:06 – How many of those clients actually understand those mutual funds?

5:08 – What is an expense ratio and why is it important?

9:21 – What about the term ‘loaded’? What does that mean?

12:36 – Are there tax issues to consider when investing in mutual funds?

15:19 – Do you use or recommend mutual funds? Where do they fit into your planning?

18:00 – Do people selling mutual funds adhere to the fiduciary standard?

19:46 – It’s important to remember that owning mutual funds doesn’t necessarily mean your diversified.

Ways That We Sabotage Our Retirement

There are so many parts of your financial life that are out of your control, so why would you sabotage your retirement by failing to handle the things that are within your control? Many people do this but you don’t need to be one of them. Let’s discuss some ways people sabotage their own financial health.


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On This Episode: 

1:20 – Previewing the show today.

2:27 – In the News: The Social Security Administration announced a 1.6% cost of living adjustment that will be added to the 2020 monthly benefits.  

4:59 – Did you see this? A British man spent $30,000 in legal fees and court costs fighting a $100 speeding ticket. And he lost the case…

7:12 – Let’s talk about what we can do to avoid sabotaging our own retirement.

7:40 – Obsessing over the short term ups and downs.
10:28 – Starting Social Security at the wrong time.  

11:47 – Pretending like the risk of nursing home stay is so far in the future that you don’t need to worry about it right now.  

13:47 – Assuming just because you like your job now means you’ll enjoy it forever.

15:38 – Not identifying how much you need to spend for the rest of your life to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Top 5 Misunderstandings About Social Security

Are you ready to start taking Social Security benefits? Do you feel knowledgeable on what strategies to put in place to make the most of it or are you falling for some of these common misconceptions when it comes to Social Security?


Show Notes:


On This Episode: 

2:50 - In the News: When looking at the presidential candidates for 2020, how might they impact the market?

7:24 - Did you see this: Couple arrested for spending $120,000 accidentally added to their bank account.

11:44 - Misunderstanding #1: Social Security is going broke.

14:29 - Misunderstanding #2: You should start Social Security as soon as possible.

15:40 - Misunderstanding #3: Delaying Social Security as long as possible is usually best.

16:57 - Misunderstanding #4: The Social Security Administration can help you choose the best strategy.

17:59 - Misunderstanding #5: You don’t have to pay taxes on Social Security.

Are You Having Awkward Financial Conversations?

Financial planning is more than just spreadsheets and dollar signs. It includes a lot of tough decisions and emotions that need to be communicated to your loved ones and advisor. Are you avoiding these awkward conversations when it comes to your finances?


Show Notes:


Today's Rundown: 

3:37 - In the News: Elizabeth Warren proposes $20.5 trillion health care plan.

12:59 - Sometimes planning your finances includes awkward conversations.

13:26 - What happens after the death of the first spouse?

15:30 - What happens if nursing home care is needed?

18:57 - Do you need to work longer than planned?

20:17 - Do your children understand your estate and legacy plan?

22:32 - How do you separate from an advisor that is nice but not a good fit?

26:53 - Getting to Know J’Neanne: What presentation could she give right now? 

29:00 - Mailbag: The roller coaster of the market drives me crazy. Does that mean I should get out of the market and invest in a different way?

What Will the Next Market Crash Look Like?

We know another downturn in the market is inevitable, but how long will it be until the next ‘crash’ happens? Will it hit us as hard as 2008? We’ll ask J’Neanne to give us her thoughts on the subject and what we can do as investors to prepare ourselves for that day.

On this episode: 

4:28 – What’s to come on today’s show.

5:25 – In the news: At what point will the 2020 election begin to impact the way investors behave?

10:17 – Introducing a new topic on the show, ‘Did You See This.’ In this first installment, we discuss a marriage dispute that includes the husband hacks into his wife’s bank account from space.

14:04 – Let’s begin our conversation on market crashes.

14:46 – What is J’Neanne telling clients about when it might happen? 

16:57 – Will the next crash be as severe as 2008?

18:22 – Even just a smaller correction can have an impact on someone retiring soon.

19:22 – The moves might seem larger but we’re in a higher place than 2008.

20:48 – Why don’t we just go to cash if we’re worried about a market crash?

24:07 – The key point people need to remember is the market isn’t static so there will be another upward turn after the drop.

26:58 – Mailbag question: It seems counterintuitive to move out of a house I paid off ten years ago but I’m about to retire and might move into a rental so I don’t have to worry about repairs and expenses. What do you think?

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Preparing for Retirement During Your Final Decade of Work

Whether you’ve been working on your retirement plan for years or just beginning to get around to it, your focus needs to increase as you approach the end of your working career. That final decade before retirement gives you the chance to get everything in order so you aren’t left scrambling. Today we’ll run through a list of items that you need to be paying attention to.

Today's rundown: 

2:25 – Previewing today’s show.

3:13 – In the news: A new trend in the wedding industry: wedding loans. What are J’Neanne’s thoughts.

7:40 – What J’Neanne told her daughter about spending when she got married.

11:30 – Moving into the main topic of what you should pay attention to during your final decade of work.

12:00 – First item: Decide what’s important to you.

13:50 – Item 2: Know your numbers.

14:43 – Next item: Estimate your income streams.

16:40 – Item 4: Get a handle on healthcare.   

18:45 – Final item: Think about how much your needs will change.

21:23 – When is the best time to go in and meet with an advisor to start running through these things?

23:55 – Getting to know J’Neanne: What is the most universally well-known movie that you’ve never seen.

26:49 – Storytime: Have you ever had someone take so long on a decision related to their investments that it ended up hurting them in the end?

29:11 – Mailbag question: I’m getting close to retirement but I’m worried about a market crash coming before I get to the finish line. Will I be okay for the next six months?

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Busting the Biggest Financial Myths – Part 2

In this series, we’ll look at some of the most widely believed financial myths and try to bust them wide open. There are many people that base their decisions on these myths and that’s scary. We want to make sure you aren’t making any mistakes based on misinformation.

Today's rundown:

2:14 – Introducing the topics for today’s show.

2:37 – In the news: Democratic presidential nominees proposing plans to forgive student loan debt. J’Neanne gives us her opinion and shares a solution she thinks could work.

9:11 – Time to continue the financial myth-busting series.  

9:31 – Recapping the myths we covered in part 1.   

9:50 – Myth: You’ll probably be in a lower tax bracket when you retire.

11:49 – Myth: Financial planning is much easier without an advisor now because of all the technology available.    

13:39 – J’Neanne shares a great example of why you need someone that can provide context.

14:42 – Myth: Longterm care is not going to happen to me.   

18:42 – Getting to know J’Neanne: If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with all that spare time?

20:35 – Mailbag question: I’ve seen a lot of growth in my 401k recently and I feel like I should take risk off the table by capturing these gains. But what happens if the market keeps rolling for a couple more years?

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Busting the Biggest Financial Myths – Part 1

In this series, we’ll look at some of the most widely believed financial myths and try to bust them wide open. There are many people that base their decisions on these myths and that’s scary. We want to make sure you aren’t making any mistakes based on misinformation.

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Today's rundown:

2:03 – What’s in store on today’s episode.

2:39 – Quote of the month: “I made money the old fashioned way, I very was nice to a wealthy relative right before he died.”

4:20 – In the news headline: Uber Eats running a test program where they will use drone delivery.  

9:53 – Time to start the financial myth-busting series.   

10:44 – Myth 1: Shifting from stocks to bonds removes the volatility from your portfolio.

13:48 – Myth 2: Once you’re retired, life insurance is no longer necessary.   

16:35 – Myth 3: You will need less income once you retire.  

20:25 – Getting to know J’Neanne: Who is someone that always makes you laugh?

20:07 – Mailbag question: What kind of annual return should I be seeking on investments in retirement?

Scenarios That Create Urgency in Your Financial Plan

Even if we stay on top of our retirement planning, there are life events that shake up everything we’ve done or force us to rethink our path. In this episode, we identify some of those events that create a sense of urgency within us and discuss how to be best prepared if they happen to you.

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What Does Financial Security Mean to You?

Nearly all of us have the same end game in mind, which is to make it to retirement and enjoy our lives in whatever way we choose. But how much we need in retirement varies from person to person. We all have our own definition of financial security, and today we’ll talk about some of those meanings.

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The Driving Force Behind Your Retirement Plans

Whether in retirement or behind the wheel, it’s good to have a plan and a pulse on what is happening around you. Knowing the rules, the technology, and your motivation all plays a part in the route you take with your retirement planning. In this episode, J’Neanne covers a few different topics happening in the news, such as self-driving cars. Then, she answers three questions from the mailbag, including one from someone with a lack of drive to leave a legacy.

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What Popular Proverbs Teach Us About Money

There are plenty of proverbs that aren’t meant to be about money, but we can easily learn a financial lesson from them anyway. We’ll show you the hidden money meanings behind some of these popular sayings and answer a question from the mailbag about changing annuities.

Full show notes:

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How “Fake News” Impacts Your Financial Choices

The term “fake news” has become synonymous with the political climate of the past few years. But the phenomenon has spread to other parts of our culture as well. What about fake news in the financial space? We’ll look at some recent news headlines to see if they qualify to be labeled as “fake news”.

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5 Holdups Stalling Your Financial Decisions

Today's Mission:

Indecision can be just as dangerous as making the wrong decision. That’s why sometimes you have to decide when to fish or when to cut bait. J’Neanne will walk us through five holdups that might stall your financial decisions. We also answer a listener question about rental properties.

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Strategy Points:

6:16 Too Many Decisions to Make

  • If you don’t feel comfortable with what you are trying to do, you need to sit down with a professional to discuss retirement planning.
  • There are a lot of different philosophies on how to build your retirement strategy.
  • Instead of “right” decisions, there are often better and more economical decisions.
  • The laws change, the opportunities change, your life changes. You have to have some flexibility.

10:00 Too Much Research

  • Becoming overly educated on so many different decisions can cause you to feel overwhelmed.
  • Doing too much research is like counting the blades of grass in your yard.
  • Don’t get caught up on the minutiae, think about the bigger picture. Always keep the end goals in mind.

13:34 General Confusion

  • Math is not money, and money is not math.
  • You are probably pretty smart and good at what you do, but can you experience the same success in retirement planning when that’s not your specialty and your life’s work?
  • Look at tax consultants as an example. The rules changes every year, so even they get confused if they’re not staying abreast of the most recent changes.

15:13 You Don’t Like Talking About Money

  • Perhaps you have a past perception that money is a dirty topic.
  • Realize it now, you can’t get around talking about money.
  • The decisions about money are just as important as the money itself.

16:45 Traumatic Life Events Can Stall Decisions

  • Divorces, illnesses and death can be devastating events that might leave you unable to make proper decisions about your own or a loved one’s money.
  • You might be vulnerable following these times, so don’t do anything drastic for at least a year.
  • You need to recover emotionally before you can make these major decisions.

22:18 Getting to Know You: Movies

  • What movie can you watch multiple times and enjoy it every time?
  • Good storylines, casting, and cinematography influence J’Neanne’s favorites.

31:34 Mailbag: Inheriting Rental Property

  • Harriet says her aunt died recently, leaving her to inherit a rental property unexpectedly. What should she do?
  • Realize your aunt wanted you to have it for your opportunity, you don’t have to keep it.
  • Do you want to be a homeowner and deal with the responsibilities of a landlord?
  • If not, you either hire someone as a property manager or sell the property.


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5 Common Pain Points In Your Financial Life

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